About This Database

The Problem Shifts Database is a repository of environmental problem shifting cases across different issue areas (e.g., climate, biodiversity, ocean, freshwater, agriculture, and hazardous waste) from all around the globe. Environmental problem shifts occur when the policies and decisions directed at solving an environmental problem lead to new problems.

The data is collected through the PROBLEMSHIFTING expert survey launched in 2022. Featuring more than 117 cases in its first version, this platform is open-access and available for the use of researchers, students, and policy-makers interested in sustainability. Through this platform, we aim to foster greater understanding and knowledge surrounding the phenomenon of problem shifting and contribute to the collective efforts towards a sustainable future.

The database is regularly updated on the basis of new submissions. To submit a problem shifting case, please use our form.

The Problem Shifts Database has been put together by Rakhyun E. Kim, Işık Girgiç, Ashok Vardhan Adipudi, Heikke Merilin Raidma, Lucie Oelschläger, Mara Scheibenreif, Ricardo de Bruijne, Gabriel Costa Macedo de Arruda, and Nazira Kozhanova.

The Problem Shifts Database is developed and maintained by the PROBLEMSHIFTING project, and hosted by the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. The project has been funded through a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant (agreement no. 949252), and endorsed by the Earth System Governance research alliance.